Sunday, September 20, 2009

Important contact details to keep!

Asperger's Specialists Diagnosing Adults

Dr. Michal Rappaport, Psychiatrist, HaSharon area
Highly recommended by AWA Israel, especially for women and girls in the Asperger's/Autistic Spectrum. Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist specialized in diagnosing Asperger's and Autism, and working with children in the Autistic Spectrum.  Raanana and Natanya.  Lev HaSharon Hospital.  Contact phone numbers: 050-6267919, 09-8610142 (please call weekday mornings until 9:00 am, or from 4:00 pm).  In Natanya, diagnosis is carried out by Dr. Rappaport's team of professional experts under her direct supervision.

Dr. Roni Hegesh, Rishon LeTzion
Very recommended professional by AWA Israel. Child Psychiatrist.  Adults' diagnosis too.  Call Sun or Tue 19-21 hrs. 050-5453607 / Dalia (secretary): 052-6667557.  Also:
ד"ר רוני הגש, מרפאת הילדים והנוער, המרכז לבריאות הנפש נס- ציונה

Dr. Ditza Tzahor, Ramle
Tel.: 08-9206291

Dr. Kory Shulman, Jerusalem
Recommended Psychologist, Autism specialist, Hebrew University

Dr. Yoav Cohen, Jerusalem
Tel.: 050-8573238

Dr. Hezy Gobiansky, Hod Hasharon (Shalvata Hospital)

Dr. Carmoni, Bat Yam
Recommended by AWA Israel. Avarbanel Hospital.

Ms. Raya Vertman-Elad, Jerusalem
Neuropsychologist, Tel. 02-533-2694

NLD Diagnosis Specialists 

Dr. Noya Spector

Important Autism/Asperger's Organizations

עמותת אפי - אספרגר ישראל 
For people with Asperger's and their families.
Kfar Yona.  Advice and tips.  Call on Mon, Tue or Wed from 10:00 to 12:00 am at Tel.: 09-7651031, 052-8776053 (ask for Shmuela).  Also, visit their website at or email at

אס"י - קהילת אנשי הספקטרום האוטיסטי בישראל
For adults on the Autistic spectrum.  Aspie-appropriate, Aspie-interesting outings and topic meetings.  Visit their website at or ask Daphna at AWA Israel.

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