Friday, September 18, 2009

AWA Israel Chapter is born!

 ברוכות הבאות וברוכים הבאים...

The Tea Rose...known through History as too frail and maladjusted to withstand the challenge of life among the flowers in the garden is nowadays, the suitable environment conditions for her type at last discovered, one of the finest, resilient and most beautiful of roses.
Amen, for us Asperger Women!

I welcome all women, girls, boys and men wishing to learn more about ANT (Asperger Neurology Type) and connect to others in the Israeli ANT community to share the jouney of the Tea Rose with us.

Director, AWA Israel


AWA Nebraska said...

I had such a great time getting to know you this past month Daphna! I really enjoyed our 2 hour Skype call this past Wednesday. The AWA is honored to have you as our Israel Director!

AWA Nebraska, USA

The Asperger Women Association, Australia said...

wonderful to see, daphna. the rose on the blog page is beautiful.

AWA Israel said...

Thank you, friends!

I photographed that rose in Jerusalem, of course :-)