Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Group for Pre-Diagnosis Era Aspies!!

Below is the link to Pre-DiagnosisSurvivors, the international list on Yahoo, set up by SparrowRose and myself, for those of us who want a corner to ourselves to discuss the very unique issues we face, having discovered AS / NLD / HFA / etc. "too late" to gear our studies, careers, professions and lives in general according to the new insight.

Because better late than never!

We only started last night and we already have almost 20 members!!

Hope to see you "oldies" with us soon! (mention you were referred from AWA Israel blog)



AWA Nebraska Chapter-USA said...

Wonderful Daphna!

AWA ISRAEL said...

Thank you, Sharon! We already have 25 members, and we started only a couple days ago. And in spite of the language challenge, we have a few members from AWA Israel!